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apoidea’s symbol is a blue bee on a lotus.  In Hindu mythology, this symbol is a representation of the creation god, Vishnu.  Bees and flora have been a creative evolutionary force for over 100 million years as bees provide essential pollination that creates plant genetic diversity.   In exchange, flowers yield gifts of protein-rich pollen and nutrient-filled sweet nectar to the bees.  Apoidea places high priority in efforts to be more mutually beneficial to our planet that so readily supports us.  The following is a list of apoidea’s sustainability initiatives:

Certified Naturally Grown Apiary since 2017.

• Hives managed with an emphasis on natural beekeeping.  No antibiotics, no synthetic treatments and humane bee care.

• Apoidea is a non-migratory apiary, meaning the bees are not moved for commerical purposes and, in our case, overwinter in a northern climate.  The carbon footprint is much lower for a non-migratory operation that does not involve trucking bees long distances.

• Processing space is an adaptive reuse of 5 generation family homestead.

• Apiary landscaped for edible food production, wildlife forage, and rainwater catchment / retention.

• 30% of the power for processing generated by on-site solar energy.

• Grid-sourced power for the apiary is supplied by Community Energy which is 100% PA wind and solar.

• Hybrid vehicles used for in-town and regional trips.

• Certified organic herbs and oils sourced for apoidea products to promote land use practices that maintain healthy bee forage.

• All paper products are 100% recycled and/or Forest Stewardship Council approved sourcing.

• All plastic products products for gift sets packaging are 100% biodegradable.

• To maintain honey purity and ease of reuse/recycling, we primarily package the honey in glass containers.

• apoidea is a member supporter of the following organizations:

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